Below are just some of the talent we have at our disposal.

The list is much too long to include everyone, but you can click on their names
to see bios and get a sense of the quality professionals that can be brought in for projects.



Brett Niebling, Director

Brett may have his mind in marketing, but his heart has always been in community development. Prior to the private sector, he served in the Peace Corps (Swaziland), worked in development for the Woodrow Wilson Center and was a brand manager for the leader in social marketing, Population Services International. During his time with PSI, Brett saw the power of addressing public sector challenges through private sector solutions. Working in an office that had both under one roof, he explored the boundaries of how advertising could help fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Inspired by the impact,  Brett made the leap to private sector advertising full time to further develop his skills. He went on to manage some of the world's best creative talent for agencies such as Droga5, Saatchi&Saatchi and Sid Lee. Serving a smattering of brands, he worked on everything  from Kraft cheeses to Samsung technologies to Speedo swimwear to Olay beauty products.  All the while maintaining close ties to his public sector roots. Volunteering with the Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline, New York Cares and currently teaching with The Focus Forward Project at city correctional centers. So it only makes sense that his passions for advertising and social justice would lead him here. Now Brett is excited to bring these two worlds together for real societal impact.


Rasha Clark   Executive Producer   

Rasha Clark
Executive Producer

Nalina Baratz   Executive Producer

Nalina Baratz
Executive Producer

Heather Black   Integrated Producer

Heather Black
Integrated Producer

Alexandra Robson   Editor   

Alexandra Robson

Sophie Gold   Executive Producer   

Sophie Gold
Executive Producer

Ellen Houlihan   Director

Ellen Houlihan

Sheri Rosenberg   Producer

Sheri Rosenberg

Jenny Gottstein   Director of Gaming   

Jenny Gottstein
Director of Gaming

David Godin   Director   

David Godin